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Ciudad de Segorbe Hostel and Salento - Quindio Colombia tourism news
National Road, a heroic road that made salento famous

It is known as Camino Nacional, Camino Real and even as the Camino de los Indios. This route is due to the existence of Salento, a multicultural municipality, lavish in landscapes, architecture, cradle of the Palm of Wax and one of the ten most wanted by Colombians as a tourist destination. It was not easy to travel this route but it became an obligatory way between the west and the center of the country. Characters as illustrious as Simón Bolívar, the wise Caldas and the botanist Alexánder von Humboldt had the strength to travel it and even to leave testimony of what today is a heritage anchored to the history of Quindío. The chronicles recount the imperious need to create access between Santa Fe (today Bogota) and the province of Cauca, the decision of the first man to undertake this odyssey, is by Captain López de Galarza, founder of Ibague, who in 1553 receiving a cedula Royal order to open roads for the cavalry, began the route between the newly founded city and Carthage, without imagining that it would give life to Salento, in the middle of nowhere. We do not know who was the most critical of this heroic adventure, […]

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Things to do in Colombia – Salento

Having this in mind, one of the things to do in Colombia is visiting the Eje Cafetero. This is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Colombia and will allow visitors to see at least one of the many coffee fincas in the country, where they will be able to experience the full process of coffee production, from picking to toasting and sipping.

Places to visit in Colombia: Eje Cafetero, or else the Colombian version of Switzerland

The best starting point for a visit of the Eje Cafetero is Salento, located at 1800 meters above sea level and one of Colombia tourist attractions in itself. This is a picturesque village, where colonial architecture meets the paisà style. It is a lovely, small and colourful colonial town surrounded by hills and forest, with a main street full of artesania shops, many relaxing bars, a chilled atmosphere, making it one of the places to visit in Colombia. From here, it is possible to visit a number of fincas.

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Colombia’s Salento one of world’s most beautiful towns thanks to architecture: CNN

The Colombian village of Salento, located in the iconic coffee region, is one of ten towns highlighted by US television network CNN for its outstanding architecture.

One of the iconic region’s most popular tourist destinations, Salento is home to some of Colombia’s most quaint and colorful streets.

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SALENTO, Colombia’s Coffee Region

On the western edge of the Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados, the pueblo of Salento (pop. 7,000) is one-stop shopping for those seeking a quintessential coffee region experience. The town, an enchanting pueblo, home to coffee growers and cowboys, is adorned with the trademark colorful balconies and facades of Paisa architecture.

It was one of the first settlements in the region during the 19th-century Antioquian colonization. In the nearby countryside, coffee farms dominate the landscape. Here you can be a Juan Valdez, the iconic personification of Colombian coffee, during a coffee tour in which you harvest coffee beans, learn about the bean-to-bag process, and sip the freshest coffee you’ve ever tasted.

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Salento Treks

There are some truly remarkable treks possible in this region, from hikes of a few hours into cloud forest to 5-day treks to the base of snow-capped mountains, and beyond!

Salento, is one of the better destinations in Colombia for trekking in terms of infrastructure. There are reasonably well marked trails and occassionally some signposting, although it is still quite easy to get lost.
For this reason, I strongly recommend not going alone unless you’re just planning on strolling around the lower valley.

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