Calle 5 No 4 - 06 - Salento - Quindío - Colombia
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Viewpoint of Salento
Salento, the top Municipality to perceive the charms of the cultural coffee lanscape

The Cultural Coffee Lanscape

When you decide to visit Salento, Quindío, you do not have to look for anything because everything arrives in a splendorous way in your eyes.

And if the reason has to do with the desire to observe the goodness of the Coffee Cultural Landscape at its best, there is no better place in the region than this northern municipality, a surprising place and in love.

The first thing that attracts your attention is the landscape that appears complacent and the different shades of green, many lush trees, crops of different fruits and birds that adorn your arrival. We recommend you to do this tour slowly so that you can capture this first gift that nature offers you.

The urban center of Salento is a very important component because it describes a way of life, a daily life that reflects the way of being of its inhabitants, the way of dressing and the flavors that make up its gastronomy.

The architecture deserves a special chapter. The houses keep in their facades and their colors the secrets of its history, its foundation and the first men who arrived to build here, in this place called before Barcinales, the future of their families.

The hotels in Salento have preserved this architecture so that the visitor feels involved with the surroundings.

To go around the town is a good start, however in the Calle Real, an emblematic place near the main square exhibits the best designs of traditional houses, peasant houses, many of them converted into shops or hostels, produce evocation , aesthetic, tenacity and admiration.
A walk is enough to look and re-admire the designs of windows, doors, walls, ceilings and floors.

But you’re just starting because the best comes right away.

Very close to Calle Real is the viewpoint, a very special place because from there you can observe in the whole of the Cocora Valley, an extraordinary natural reserve where the wax palms are born and grow, trees more than 15 meters high further embellishes the territory.

You can get there by walking on Calle Real or you can get there by car. We propose that you go without haste so that you can enjoy a wonderful look that we never want to leave.

La Palma de Cera is the national tree of Colombia, is a natural emblem of Quindío and is a pride for those who have the pleasure to see and feel it. Only here, in Salento you can see this natural spectacle and also part in the mountains of the municipality of Pijao.

Everything that we have told you is part of the Cultural Landscape Cafetero, that is to say the forms of life that from the sowing and gathering of the coffee for more than a hundred years, has allowed that this Colombian region has an international recognition.

And if you spend the night, there are a variety of hostels in Salento that will complement even more that taste for the territory.

We leave to your creativity and your liberal spirit new details that are expressed in your tour of this beautiful Quindian municipality.

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