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So was the municipality of Salento day and night
Municipio de Salento
So was the municipality of Salento day and night

Some friends had told us about their travel history in the municipality of Salento and in their casual story they managed to arouse our interest in this destination that was perfect to enjoy real days of rest.

So we selected a weekend, we searched the internet for the type of hotel in the Municipality of Salento we wanted and the activities that had been recommended by our friends and we prepared to visit this place north of the department of Quindío that we had good references.

With Milena, my wife, we planned those three days in detail, after all we had no vacation from two seasons ago and it was opportune to take advantage of every moment.

Our first task was to choose the place of arrival, a hotel that had a special meaning, that was small, cozy, with some history, intimacy, rootedness with the people. After much browsing on the internet we decided on the Hostal Ciudad de Segorbe, good reviews on Tripadvisor and just what we needed.

We began to compose our agenda based on our personal tastes and what fate provided. The municipality of Salento is a territory so privileged in adventure and nature that demanded our best selection.

In the end it was a splendid and fun trip that we want to share with you.

We first checked into the hotel. It was past one o’clock that Friday when we went to lunch at a small restaurant located on Calle Real. Of course, the order was trout, one of the most appetizing and rich foods of the Salento gastronomy.

In the afternoon we took a walk down here, La Calle Real, a crossbar that joins entire blocks between the main square and the sector that gives access to the hill where the viewpoint is located and whose environment includes colonial houses, restaurants, craft shops and hotels.

As we were early we went step by step to the lookout to meet the first great wonder of the region, the Cocora Valley, an unparalleled natural spectacle strewn with lush wax palms. The afternoon was falling, that image is still not cleared from my mind.

We had dinner nearby, in the restaurant Camino Real, a place located on Calle Real. It is an ample place of artisan structure and a very warm atmosphere. Its menu includes gourmet food and typical dishes of the region. We had a good time, but we knew we had a commitment first thing, so we went to the hotel early.

At six o’clock in the morning we were waiting for a transport that would take us to the Cocora Valley to do one of the most innovative activities of the sector, trekking, a guided walk that made us part of an overwhelming environment to reveal the secret of nature, unprecedented landscapes, paths, birds, sounds, colors, a set of indescribable and unforgettable pleasures. After 6 hours we returned to the hotel to rest a bit because our itinerary had a new surprise in the afternoon.

After lunch and after a light lunch, we were picked up by a Willys jeep, considered a typical transportation of the region, to take us to the Coffee Tour El Ocaso, an experience in a coffee farm. It takes a few minutes to be in the place and others more recognizing the benefits of a fruit that produces the most consumed drink in the world. We were there, guided by experts who allowed us to interact with the ripe grains from the time they are in the woods, from processing until reaching that peak of consumption with all the goodness of its flavor.

Later we fancied another typical drink of the region. Already in Salento we approach one of the corners of the square to take forcha, a mixture of fermented corn that ravages the mouth to produce a sensational flavor.

The night creates a different environment but just as welcoming. The cold is a perfect accomplice to look for the heat of a bar with a good cocktail list and a cozy atmosphere.

In the morning, a Willys jeep took us to the Cocora Valley because when you meet it, it is not easy to forget it and we wanted to spend some more time there. Without any hitch we walked close to the wax palms, took pictures and hired horses to continue our walk through this dreamy and full of charms.

We had lunch in a restaurant of the sector and we returned quickly to visit our last point of the travel agenda, the Kasaguadua nature reserve, a great place that seeks the preservation of nature based on the valuation and knowledge of flora and fauna . The guides are people in love with the environment and we feel this, an infinite respect for one of the most powerful realms and increasingly affected by the human species.

More than five activities were left out of the logbook but we promised to return to this paradise called Salento, a privilege nestled in the mountains.

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It sounds a great place!

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