Calle 5 No 4 - 06 - Salento - Quindío - Colombia
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Sustainability policy
Sustainability Policy

The Hostal Ciudad De Segorbe offers accommodation services in the municipality of Salento, offering the best quality in all its processes, while at the same time seeking to satisfy the needs of its guests. Likewise, it has an adequate infrastructure and a competent human team available to the client. Ciudad de Segorbe, aware of the importance of the principles of environmental, cultural and economic sustainability, seeks to implement processes that allow the preservation of its resources, maintenance and improvement of the impacts identified in each of these aspects and that these be used in the best Generating a better quality of life for its employees as well as for the inhabitants of the region. Additionally the hostel is committed to prevent any type of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. It serves as the basis for the issuance of the rights and duties of our customers, guests, employees and suppliers.


We are committed to compliance with law 599/00. Law 1333/09. Law 1453/11. Illegal trade in fauna and flora.

We are committed to compliance with Law 103/91. Law 397/97 Law 1185/08. Illicit traffic in cultural property.

We are committed to the law 1336/09 and the law 679/01 Fight against ESCNNA.

Discrimination against vulnerable population, law 1482 of 2011.

Child Labor Exploitation, Law 15 of 1925.

Responsible behavior

  • Avoid any act that might bother other guests.
  • Make proper use and care of the furniture, fixtures and lingerie you find at your disposal.
  • It is prohibited to carry and use firearms and knives
  • When listening to music, use a moderate volume, so do not bother other guests.
  • The use and consumption of psychoactive substances is prohibited.
  • You are in a natural place, avoid smoking in closed places (rooms, bathrooms, etc.). If you wish to do so, you must use the areas designated for this purpose.
  • Do not throw trash, cans, glasses, or polluting substances.
  • Only recyclable waste can be deposited in the room.
  • Entry to the kitchen area is only for the hotel’s staff; Guests will not be allowed access to avoid accidents.



Correct use of:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Solid Waste

The 10 Sustainable Commandments