Calle 5 No 4 - 06 - Salento - Quindío - Colombia
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So was the municipality of Salento day and night

Some friends had told us about their travel history in the municipality of Salento and in their casual story they managed to arouse our interest in this destination that was perfect to enjoy real days of rest.

So we selected a weekend, we searched the internet for the type of hotel in Salento we wanted and the activities that had been recommended by our friends and we prepared to visit this place north of the department of Quindío that we had good references.

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Things to do in Colombia – Salento

Having this in mind, one of the things to do in Colombia is visiting the Eje Cafetero. This is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Colombia and will allow visitors to see at least one of the many coffee fincas in the country, where they will be able to experience the full process of coffee production, from picking to toasting and sipping.

Places to visit in Colombia: Eje Cafetero, or else the Colombian version of Switzerland

The best starting point for a visit of the Eje Cafetero is Salento, located at 1800 meters above sea level and one of Colombia tourist attractions in itself. This is a picturesque village, where colonial architecture meets the paisà style. It is a lovely, small and colourful colonial town surrounded by hills and forest, with a main street full of artesania shops, many relaxing bars, a chilled atmosphere, making it one of the places to visit in Colombia. From here, it is possible to visit a number of fincas.

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