Calle 5 No 4 - 06 - Salento - Quindío - Colombia
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The secrets of the architecture of Salento

It is almost a fact that some materials and techniques used in the construction of the colonial houses of Salento no longer exist as a consequence of modernism and the elaboration of other products for the market.

Of course, we are talking about houses with more than 200 years of age, a condition that gives them a certain charm and exclusivity with respect to what the new constructions offer.

Although, that forces any restoration to become a real challenge, it is also the answer to what it means to preserve details to make works special pieces of permanent admiration.

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Salento, the top Municipality to perceive the charms of the cultural coffee lanscape

When you decide to visit Salento, Quindío, you do not have to look for anything because everything arrives in a splendorous way in your eyes.

And if the reason has to do with the desire to observe the goodness of the Coffee Cultural Landscape at its best, there is no better place in the region than this northern municipality, a surprising place and in love.

The first thing that attracts your attention is the landscape that appears complacent and the different shades of green, many lush trees, crops of different fruits and birds that adorn your arrival. We recommend you to do this tour slowly so that you can capture this first gift that nature offers you.

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