Calle 5 No 4 - 06 - Salento - Quindío - Colombia
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So was the municipality of Salento day and night

Some friends had told us about their travel history in the municipality of Salento and in their casual story they managed to arouse our interest in this destination that was perfect to enjoy real days of rest.

So we selected a weekend, we searched the internet for the type of hotel in Salento we wanted and the activities that had been recommended by our friends and we prepared to visit this place north of the department of Quindío that we had good references.

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5 towns with cultural coffee landscape that you must visit

Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda

Its greater fame is centered in the hot springs, spas to which many people go in function of walk. Nevertheless its attributes are also expressed in its landscapes and its coffee plantations and in that natural corridor that gives way to the natural national park of the snowy ones.

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Colombia’s Salento one of world’s most beautiful towns thanks to architecture: CNN

The Colombian village of Salento, located in the iconic coffee region, is one of ten towns highlighted by US television network CNN for its outstanding architecture.

One of the iconic region’s most popular tourist destinations, Salento is home to some of Colombia’s most quaint and colorful streets.

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