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5 towns with cultural coffee landscape that you must visit
Santa Rosa de Cabal
5 towns with cultural coffee landscape that you must visit

Qualified as intangible heritage of humanity, we made our own ladder of the best villages of the Cultural Coffee Landscape.

Position 5

Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda

Its greater fame is centered in the hot springs, spas to which many people go in function of walk. Nevertheless its attributes are also expressed in its landscapes and its coffee plantations and in that natural corridor that gives way to the natural national park of the snowy ones.

Its gastronomy also speaks volumes. It is popular throughout the country the original flavor of its santarrosano chorizo ​​and part of the architecture of the municipality.

Position 4

Salamina, Caldas

Its history is as rich in details as the splendor of its architecture. Cradle of great poets is the best synthesis of what coffee means in the cultural transformation that identifies its inhabitants.

Its mountains and its landscapes are a pleasure to behold and its people are warm and welcoming. Salamina is the meeting between tradition, vigor, modernism and tranquility. Have a good coffee in the square in understanding with flavors and aromas the roots of a civilization.

Position 3

Cairo, Valle del Cauca

The proximity to the mountains, almost direct contact with the coffee plantations and its architecture as perpetual as its history give this town a unique daily life, as if time had stopped in the middle of nowhere. Of course coffee is the king, the tranquility is constant and the climate is overwhelming.

To visit this municipality in limits with the Choco is to have a different perspective of what the coffee means, not only like a drink, but like a lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Position 2


It is a must for visitors who discover on arrival the charms of colorful two-story colonial houses with balconies that love their designs and their color. Its main square is the starting point to start a tour that points out valuable architectural contributions such as the church and the mayor’s office, cultural exercises such as basketry, handicrafts and pleasant tastes of its rich gastronomy.
It has an extraordinary viewpoint of more than 15 meters of height from where the charms of the towns of the Cultural Landscape Cafetero are perceived.

Position 1


It is a municipality full of natural attributes, history, architecture and culture. Since the construction of the National Way, more than 200 years ago, the birth of this town began to flourish, which nowadays shows its privileges, so many reasons that make it necessary for its visitors and warm for its residents.

Salento has a temperate and cold climate and is perfect to ensure that our body assimilates the excitement of seeing the splendor of the Cocora Valley with its sparkling wax palms as witnesses that everything is real, its mountains tinged with various green tones and of the warmth of its people.

In Salento, the streets and houses are a tribute to the past that remained there to warn that the town has always been a reason for beauty and admiration.

The hotels in Salento are the opportunity to feel the town at night, to experience the sunrises and to feel included in a magical and always welcoming environment.

Salento, the top Municipality to perceive the charms of the cultural coffee lanscape

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